Tax free shopping (VAT claim)

    I have a few enquiry about tax free shoping as mentioned in website.
    -as all purchases must be made instore, does big retailer such as tesco,JL, sainsbury offer the tax free scheme?
    -planning to buy electrical appliances(tv,psvr,etc), does the goods need to be in sealed condition and need to bring them to the airport? If not i'm just gonna load them up into contena.
    -any other ideas on how I can maximise the benefit of this scheme?

    one place that I know for tax free shopping is shopping village in bichester.

    #gonna miss the deals and ppl in this site when I'm back to my home country. Thanks chanchi and vassy for all the posted deals (I just remember the popular names XP).


    Ask for VAT reclaim form when you purchase from brick and mortar store. Depending on airport either you can drop in your claim form at airport or get VAT back personally at the counter. Option is to get cash or bank transfer. Product may not be in sealed condition but you would be asked to show the product if you are claiming VAT at a maned counter. So make sure you do it before check in in case you were planning to check in product.

    Also check if you are eligible for tax free shopping. I think it's dependant on how long you were given the visa for and the type of visa. But I may be wrong.

    Check the ukba website to be sure as you don't want to go on a crazy shopping spree thinking that you might be able to get the VAT back.

    Also you might be able to reclaim the income tax (but not NI) if you were here for less than 2 years if memory serves me right.
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