Tax on digital products?

    I was just wondering if there is any government taxation on digital products.

    For example, if I bought a game on my xbox, or bought a mp3 track from a website like amazon or play, would the government see any of that money??


    the gov't has and always'll get your money

    If you earnt the money the government would have already charged you income tax and national insurance on it.

    If you inherited it they would have charged you inheritance tax.

    If you earnt it through interest they would have taxed it (apart from an ISA)

    On the goods you are buying the company would have to of paid import tax and then they will be taxed on any profit.

    Dont forget about good old VAT also.

    yep.. VAT on a £30 game is about £4.47


    Depends which country the company is located in.
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