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    Left it 'till the last minute (as usual!). Moira Stewart was getting on my nerves, telling me to do it NOW! Anyway, nearly finished...but not sure how to fill out certain boxes , a lot of them just don't apply to me (i.e foreign dividends/pensions). So I have left these blank. But when I check my return it says 'not entered'. Should I put £0 instead? Or is it fine to leave them blank like I have?


    first page of the return will ask which sections are relevant. sounds to me like you've ticked those

    it shouldn't ask for amounts if you've not ticked that box

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    Cheers, have answered my own question really. I tried entering '0', but then the system told me off for doing so! Can't leave a zero in a box, so I have left all that do not apply blank.

    cool. any other prbs pm me (I've done several of these this year)
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