tax rebate

    had an email saying its from HM revenue and customs sayin they owe me a tax rebate and it can be paid by paypal any1 else had an email is this lidget


    Sounds as bent as a banana to me,steer well clear.

    April 1st already? X)

    ive had this e-mail loads it a fake, did you give them your e-mail? when have you ever been paid by pay-pal give them a call they'll tell you its fake

    If they say paypal, its probably a scam.

    It could be legit as they take blue smarties for payment as well.

    LOL governments using Paypal, they will be pleased.


    It's 1000% lidget whatever the hell that is


    did they get the email or did they read the some of the deals posted yesterday

    lidget..... lol

    Yeah, cause HMRC use Paypal...

    lol did they use your name or dear customer etc?

    How many are tripping on blue smarties today?

    I got one of these emails too, the money was in my paypal account within 24hrs!! BUZZING, PAID FOR MY CHRISTMAS!!

    Haaaaaa !!!


    How many are tripping on blue smarties today?

    wish i was haaa !!

    They do not EVER send emails!

    steer well clear - Tax rebates are through your tax code or BACS (where needs be by cheque)

    HRMC living it with the current times, if your not happy with the amount received you can always open up a dispute with paypal!

    The email is real, also suprised to receive it on new years day, thought they would be closed but i have just checked my paypal account and the money has been deposited, go for it!

    I got an email the other day saying some guys dad had died and left him a few million, but to access it he needs my help. i havn't heard from him after sending the western union deposit.

    its spam dont open it, its fake, martin lewis has mentioned it on his website,

    1. HM Revenue and Customs aren't going to contact you solely by email. They'd write by snail mail.
    2. They wouldn't use Paypal. It's clearly some kind of scam, stay away.

    Original Poster

    thanks every1 gutted cud of done with the extra money lol oh well



    thanks every1 gutted cud of done with the extra money lol oh well

    you seriously thought it might be real? Are you lidget?

    Could be "lidgit" HMRC have sold loads of computers on ebay to cover the they could have been paid into paypal so have a large balance in paypal they want to get rid of. Lmao

    They do not EVER send emails!

    Fake dont fall for it no matter what anyone else says!!

    Had a rebate recently, they send cheques!
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