Tax Rebates

How do you get them? Because i think im owed quite a bit but no idea how to claim it...


Go to your local tax office, they should have a walk in centre where you can wait to see an advisor, who will sit with you and go through all your recorded income and tax payments on their computer, and work out how much you are owed ..i've done this several times and ended up a good couple of hundred quid better off..

I think there is a tax back calculator on the goverment website thats advertised on the radio, but i can't for the life of me remember what its called..


Dont expect them to be quick about it though!

I'm still waiting for an NI refund from 2007! When I ring them, they say I need to put everything in writing and that they have a 6 month backlog for letters!!!! Wrote to them in April, May and June and still waiting for a reply!

Here's a page from the HMRC website which will help you find the office you need:…jsp

It will also give you a phone number, if you'd prefer to phone.


You can use [url][/url] or for a simple … You can use [url][/url] or for a simple calculation

Yeah thats the site i meant :thumbsup:
It's quite good and pretty accurate as to how much you will be owed (if anything)
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