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    Just looking for a bit of advice! Last tax year April 2009 - 2010 I think I may have been paying tax when i was under the earnings threshold

    In total I earned £6408.83

    I started off working doing a modern apprenticeship and was paid in April and May 09 but during the summer I wasn't paid as this was part of the contract.

    I then went back in after the break and some of us were told we were no longer needed! I then claimed jobseekers allowance for 2 months until I found my current job

    Basically I have been paying tax on roughly 5k that I have recieved from my current job

    Am I entitled to a tax refund??

    Cheers in advance for your help!


    I know this is an obvious answer but phone them and find out. They'll be the best people to advise you.…htm
    There is a personal allowance of £6475 p/a so yes, you should not have incoe tax payable on your earnings and are entitled to a tax rebate.


    what does your P60 or P45 say?

    remember that JSA income gets added to your taxable income.

    from what i know you need to get a p60 from your employers
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