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    Hi People

    A friend's son has taken a gap year, before they go back to University for another course. In this term they have been working whenever a job has been available (2 months) and has been taxed.

    Now, I thought if you have/or will earn below a specific amount you are not taxed? Am I right?



    If he has been taxed, quite possibly on Emergency Tax, then he should be eligable to a tax rebate

    Correct - he should get the tax back. He shouldn't have to claim it - it should be in his wage slip as a refund.

    If it isn't - he should contact the tax office.

    He will have been taxed at the Basic Rate. IE emergency tax get in touch with the tax office and you will then get a refund

    im sure its £6400 for a student my son is at uni and has a saturday job he works when at uni and the last 3 weeks and up the beginnin of term he will be working ful time my accountant said that if his boss will back date his pay from the week he broke up and pay him £110 a week we will be ok.......i dont understand it that well.

    yeah for the whole year. so if the amount for the whole year (for easy woring out) £5200 for a year his average wage of £100 per week he would not pay tax but he could also work for only 6 months at £200 per week and still not pay tax although he would have the tax deducted he can still claim this back at the end of the tax year ... april.

    Think he may need to fill in a P46 - same thing happened to me.…pdf

    My mum stopped working before the end of a tax year and looked after my kids while I was at work and lived with me when my first broke up - that was 2006-2007....would she have to phone to see if she was entitled to a tax rebate from that year? Or could she do it online? Would anyone who stopped work before the end of a tax year but for one reason or another - savings, partner working - didnt claim benefits, be entitled to some tax back (Am guessing so as allowance is split over the whole year so as they wouldnt ahve used last few weeks\months - that some tax should be returned somehow? Or do they rebate you in a year or so'stime when you give in your P45 even if it is a different tax year?

    She has never received a tax rebate from Inland revenue, except sometimes a few pounds on her payslip cos she changed jobs and there was maybe a gap, or had a couple of part time jobs...

    Thanks for any info....

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    Thanks so much for your help everyone! :thumbsup:

    I thought the same but was uncertain about the threshold level to be taxed.

    He hasn't got student status as he completed Uni and then will be going back for further study. Guess that shouldn't effect the tax return?

    Also is there anything he could do before he gets taxed on his new temp job which he starts very soon?


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    Correct - he should get the tax back. He shouldn't have to claim it - it … Correct - he should get the tax back. He shouldn't have to claim it - it should be in his wage slip as a refund.If it isn't - he should contact the tax office.

    Easier said than done, I have been on emergency tax for the last 7 months and can't get through the tax office. The company sub contracted to do the wages are worse than useless and don't accept incoming calls - I am down £800 already
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