Taxi Finance Question - Advice Much Appreciated

Just wanted to ask for advice for my brother really, he is 25 years old and is about to purchase a 2nd hand LTI TX2 taxi and is looking for finance. The cheapest he has is Tesco loans, borrowing 9,000 at 7.7%. Is the best deal for him to go for? He has a good credit score etc.

Is there anything else he needs to take into account? He has a quote for insurance already.


Hard to comment as you haven't said if it's a secured or unsecured loan etc, but the best place I've found for comparing loans is below:

He will need to factor in license costs from the Council and any specifics they have about the vehicle - some don't allow older cars to be granted a license.

Where is he ?
London is going to have a few probs as the power that be want only tx4 cabs onwards.
For the loan ask at local office or trade papers.

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the council is birmingham, and the loan will be unsecured.
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