taxi pricing ?

    hi, can any explain how taxi pricing works, a company tried to charge me £25 to take me 4 miles. I'm with a client ( I'm a live in carer) and want to take her for a meal how do I pay for the time I'm in the taxi not for them getting here as well, I'm near leamington spa, could this have anything to do with it? thanks in advance

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    If it's a private cab company then they often charge to come and get you if you live out of the way. Have you phoned round for quotes from a few different places? Do you know anyone with a car that would do it cheaper for you if you offered them say £10? You can ask the cab company on the phone how the £25 is broken down. I was royally ripped off by a cab company in Colne, Lancs several years ago but had no evidence, still annoyed at someone being so horrible. They took complete advantage of the fact that I didn't know the cab prices there though I was 99% sure that they had ripped me off when he said the charge. grrr

    as therealslimkaty says ask them for a breakdown, for 4 miles should be £8.40 (without waiting time) in warwick district for a taxi see hackney carriage fare in link below. but i think private hire can quote what they want…ire

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    thank you I will ring them tomorrow, any local volunteers for a free lunch,!

    Any taxi company will have to go through local authority checks ie car not and drivers taxi licence application. The metre prices should also be set by the local authority and a quote for 4 miles should be what it would take on the metre so £25 sounds very inaccurate.

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    that's what I thought he was charging from where he came from (local) not the pick up point. Witt get some definate quotes tomorrow, thanks guys

    £25 would get you from coventry to birmingham airport, so your quote is definitely wrong! When I'm in coventry I use central taxis who are very reliable, I think they also operate in leamington so worth a look?

    all '2.50 init mate' round here.... but none can drive for toffee. let alone money......


    I think most taxi drivers try it on, we took a mini cruise from Newcastle to Norway, we parked at a friends house in Newcastle and took a taxi to the port, cost £3.50 on the way back we got a taxi from the port, the taxi driver thought we were Scandinavian and immediately put us on the wrong tariff, I looked at the windows in the cab and it clearly stated the rates, by this time we were a couple of minuets into our journey, and I challenged the drive who was not happy as he had to stop and restart his meter on the correct rate. When we got to back to our car he tried charging me what was on the meter and an estimate when we were on the wrong tariff, I refused and only paid what was on the meter, the driver then went off in a temper and reverse his car into a tree. Moral, Kama works!

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    thank you all, I was getting a bit paranoid there. Think I'll stick to cooking the meals in future.

    Depends how far the taxi has to travel to collect you, I live in the sticks and the taxi has to travel 5 miles to pick me up from pub and travel 3.5miles to home £18, 7 miles back for cabbie.
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