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Found 4th May 2007
Strange one but here goes! It's my old man's 50th on Saturday so I'm taking him and Mum and my Mrs out for a meal (it's also their anniversary). I'm looking for a cheap taxi for 4 people from Brindley Place in Brum to my address 1.5 miles from Junction 10 of M42 in Tamworth. Been ringing around and have been given rough quotes (to the point where I dont believe they will stick to that when it does pick up). Any ideas?
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Most taxi's and private hire companies use meters to calculate the cost. The cost isn't solely based on mileage as sitting in traffic invokes the "waiting tariff" so it's hard to give an estimate, if there's a jam it costs more, although cab companies do give fixed fares for airport runs. You may be better off finding a one-man band taxi driver who would quote an all-in fare.
It'll be at around 2.30am on Sunday morning when it's required....I'm looking for some decent taxi numbers.....I'm pondering whether to not bother pre booking and order it ad hoc on the night...??
You are risking it then, Broad Street is packed at that time chances are you will have a long wait. With your mum in mind get booked up.
Just phone a local taxi firm and ask them to give you a definite price.
They should be ok with that.
Nobody seems to be able to give a definative price unless they want silly money! Anyone got any ideas or good taxi numbers?.....I'm getting desperate!!!!!
At 2.30am you HAVE to pay silly money as it's the taxi firm's prime time so bite the bullet and book would be my advice ;-)
I'm someone that rarely uses taxi's and I can see why at the prices I have been quoted!
2.30am on a Saturday night/Sunday morning really is prime time for a taxi. Loads of clubs close at 2am and taxi's are in peak demand.

Just do what I do and sleep in a hedge somewhere!
Hi, As you are going out to dinner, I would guess it would be the hours between 7pm + 11pm. So what keeps you till half past two am?

Try phone a friend?
We're going for one (or maybe two) drinks afterwards!
Night bus!
Last time I checked the buses never went as far as Tamworth!
Have you got a really good mate/relative that would do it? you could give them some £ as a thank you.
Never needed the taxi in the end....got back at 12.30 and my other half drove as she'd not really drank anything. Thanks for everyones opinions...just as an afternote...the lasy few places I rang around for a quote told m not to bother to book and just ask a driver at one of the many taxi ranks for a price before jumping in.
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