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Posted 5th Feb 2019
Hi all,

It's a long shot but just wondering if anyone on here lives in a Taylor Wimpey Gosford 3 bed? We are considering moving to one, and were wondering how people find it size wise.

Thank you :)!
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Do you have a floorpan? It may help those of us that don't live in one give you some pointers.
Try searching that home on Instagram. Loads of people do new build Instagram accounts detailing their journey.
Thanks for the replies here is a link to the house type with a floor plan taylorwimpey.co.uk/fin…ord

I’ve had a look on Instagram, and like what I see
On a practical note, where would you keep spare bedding and towels? How many of you would be living there? If you have little ones, there isn't much in the way of toy storage space. The beasts take up a ridiculous amount of room. This North south divide thing is awful though. I live in a house which is at least 50% bigger but was 30% cheaper. How can anyone get on the housing ladder at those prices?
Yes i own a Gosford.

We are a family of 3 + my son stays at weekends, and it works well for us. We liked that this had a kitchen Diner and not a lounge diner as most new builds have now.

Living room is ok size and doesnt feel cramped, we can it all our furniture, TV unit, nest of tables and 2 x dog beds without any issue.

Kitchen Diner is nice size too. We have cabinets over the sink so loads of cupboard space, and the dining area is big enough to easily fit a 6 seater Dining table, or we have seen some neighbors but a storage unit in and have a 4 seater table instead.

Under stairs Cupboard is HUGE! we fitted a shelving unit in here to give more storage space and still loads of spare room.

Downstairs WC is quite large, and we stole an idea from a neighbor and added a tall storage unit between the door and sink - fits nicely and only takes up dead space.

Bedroom 1 is ok size, theres a big alcove for storage, we got an ikea PAX double wardrobe (you can design the inside to how many rails / shelves you want) that fits really nicely. You could fit a king size bed, but we have an extra chest of drawers so stuck to a double otherwise it may have been a bit tight.

Ensuite is a nice size, doesnt feel cramped, and again i managed to fit a tall storage until between the door and the sink in some dead space.

Bed 2, again decent size double and not issue getting chest of drawers & wardrobe in.

Bed 3 is a little on the small size, but we got a single duvan bed under the window with no issues, the the room feels quite big. I have a small corner desk in the alcove for when i work from home - or other neighbors have kept this as a home office.

We would love a bigger house, but i cant afford an extra £100k for a 4 bed which is the going rate in this area.

We also have a carport and drive, and we can fit 3 cars on without issue. Best thing if yours has a carport is i have not had to de-ice the cars in the last 5 years.
Looking at the plans it is almost identical to my first home (new build). There was two of us and was a really great home. Spacious for 2-3, economical to heat and easy to decorate and maintain. We were really lucky in that our drive was a private slope off the main road so had room for three cars, a garage and had a front lawn. But i see most new builds these days have limited parking and most tend to be located almost on the main kerb.

We moved because we wanted more downstairs floor space tbh. Only having a lounge and a kitchen diner was a bit restrictive as we wanted a big open plan living, dining, office space.
Actually do a lot of work with Taylor Wimpey, and out of all the housebuilders we work with, they seem to have the most cramped styles. They really do like to pack the plots in on each site. All their houses have 1 more bedroom than they should, for the size,
Looks similar to our first new build by Barratts.
We were a family of 4 and it was fine, kids had own bedroom and plenty of storage.
Garden was great too.
Just be mindful of where the builder places affordable housing as although government thinks it's a great idea to be integrated, in reality it doesn't work! Anti-social behaviour, kids as young as 1yo wondering the neigbohood, them sitting on plastic chairs at front of houses smoking and boozing, dressing gown walking around for a fag at any time of day, wasn't great tbh.
Thanks for the comments everyone they have been very helpful!
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