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Found 25th Oct 2014
Does anyone know what make of wallpaper they use in show homes I know it's a long shot but we had a look around a show home with my mother as she is buying one and fell in love with the feature wall paper I've looked everywhere and the sales assistant did not know
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Where is the show home ?
I doubt you'll find an expert on here for Wimpey showhomes but you never know

My advice is to go back to the showhome , take a few photos of the paper, some close-up showing a roll width view and then post then try a google reverse image search to see if that turns up anything. I've just tried it using a portion of a picture I found online with some wallpaper on it and cut out a section of the image and google did find some matches that showed who supplied it so it may work.
Alternatively at least you will have something to post on here for any wallpaper experts we have at HUKD.

Good luck
here's a link to the Google image search page - Google image search
Try and get the Sales assistant to ask the site manager who then will hopefully either know/have the details to hand, or be able to ask the decorator.

Failing that contact their head office on the off chance they have a shortlist of wallpaper suppliers/choices.

There are quite a few images with bold wallpaper choices on google for wimpey show homes google actual search results

Edit: If she is buying from them, they certainly should be more able/willing to find out/research it.
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Excellent , clitheroe lancs
Just phone the regional office and ask to speak to the sales manager. If they used an interior designer (they normally do) they will have agreed a spec for each showhome in writing so should be able to find out for you. You will need to tell them the plot number/showhome house type so they know which one you are referring to.
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