Is anyone elses tcb taking forever to reach confirmed and payable?


    couple of mine have gone through quicker than expected! which company, and are they slower than the average rate for said?
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    amazon, asos, office shoes, and more

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    Yes, pretty much all the quicker trackers and payers are slower than say … Yes, pretty much all the quicker trackers and payers are slower than say 18 months ago. Not only that, the merchants are using the 'conditions not met' so much now that you hardly get a pay out. I have a mere 9 claims with customer care at the moment. Only 4 of those are going on over a year.If you read the forums (you have to be a member to read the negative posts, funny that) you will see you are not alone by any means.

    Almost all of mine are now taking ages to be confirmed, losing faith in TCB now


    amazon, asos, office shoes, and more

    ahh, not the retialers i've used recently. I must have been one of the lucky ones then reading the above, as no problems on my side *touches wood*

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    TCB not as good as they used to be, I even have trouble logging in

    same with quidco


    same with quidco

    Completely Agree. Quidco have gone crap

    Some of mine pay out within weeks, others are taking over a year to go to payable. I'm doing much more through quidco now as a result.


    my boots payment should have been ready last week still not confirmed

    All depends on the merchant. I have a few that are not yet payable but they are in still in the time frame suggested by TCB for payment.
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