TCB have an offer on for NOW TV......

you get a months free trial, then once you pay the first month at £9.99 you get £13.12 cash back, I recently purchased 2 x Now TV boxes, each with a 2 month pass, if I take the TCB offer and get the cash back then cancel, can I still use the 2 boxes and use the 2 month pass on each? Also, as I bought 2 NOW TV boxes, do I need to register as 2 different accounts or anything or have I wasted my money buying 2? Any help greatly received, TCB offer ends tomorrow.

Here's the offer to clarify any details…tv/


You've not waste your money, make an account log in on both devices. use your 3 months via top cash back. Once that's over stack the other 2 codes on your account to get your 4 free months

Got 4 devices on same account, but can only use 2 at a time.
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