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    Is there universal remotes, which you can teach? For example, you have an old remote, which is works badly, you get new universal one, and simply positioning them in front of each other, press the button on the old one, and the new one store the signal. So you can use new instead?!
    I know it is possible to do with pocket pc, I had earlier program called noviiremote, where you can program buttons and use your pda as a remote. but, no longer have pda with a IR port


    Harmony remotes, programm it through your PC has over 6000 devices pre-saved plus you can programm it button for button, plus its a All in one remote

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    they are expensive, need cheaper solution

    They may be expensive, but they are awesome

    there's [been] a harmony available for around £10-£15 - how much are you looking to pay?

    edit [just checked prices, and i can't see the 300 model for 12.99 anymore ]
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    Yeh they range from £10+ you can buy a decent one used for £10

    Harmony's are great I have a 555. I don't use the "Activities" crap on it but it's learnt or been programmed for everything I have without too many issues at all.

    Cheaper ones will probably have bigger limitations.

    I have the 555 too. (the 'activities' seems to be the main advantage of this model over the 300)

    I bought the kids' mam a 300 at christmas - because the kids were always complaining that she kept using the batteries out of their wii remotes
    The 300 is limited, but does everything they need it to - it controls 4 items and is programmable.

    The only downside to it is they have recently moved home and have a new TV - they have no internet connection at their new home so cannot reprogramme the remote (that applies to any harmony remote though)
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