Teacher discounts?

Found 6th Aug 2018
Hey Guys;

I am going to be starting my PGCE in Secondary Biology (God help me...) in September and was wondering if there are any teacher exclusive discounts worth looking into?

Yes, I know teacher have access to student discounts due to their email address but is there anything outside of that I can take advantage of? =l
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If you are a member of the neu union, you will have access to the countdown card giving you loads of discounts
The main discounts I get as faculty are: heavily discounted software from a lot of providers, discounts from STA travel when you get an ITIC teacher card. Further discounts if you join the NUT and Hilton Hotels offer a 30% discount for public sector bods.

Finally not a discount as such, but you can claim back for any Union subs or Subscriptions you have via the HMRC site.
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