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Teacher Discounts / Deals?!

Posted 11th May 2008
My mother retires at the end of the school year, and with talks of savings I've made through this site, I thought it would be prudent to see what deals teachers are eligible for before my mum ceases to be one!

So, fellow teachers, or other deal hunters - what teacher related deals have you seen?!

(For the record, if it matters she is only a primary teacher, not a lecturer or someone at a university etc)
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Sorry but never seen anything specifically for teachers.
i'm a teacher and think we are really forgotten when it comes to discounts.. seeing as tohugh everyone seems to think we're all on £41000 thanks to those silly "teach" adverts on tv... they fail to mention that you wil need to have been a teacher for a hell of a long time and have a lot of responsibilities to be earning anywhere near £41K!

to answer your question, i've not seen anything specifically for teachers except for supposed savings on insurance, etc. which come with your union magazine every 3 months or so....
Ah, ok, thanks for confirming what I thought really! - I had a quick google and nothing decent came up.

My mum reckons any of the deals she has seen are from places that are more expensive anyhow, for the record, Zurich insurance do a discount for teachers, but for her car/ circumstances, even factoring this in to the price other places were cheaper.

And yeah, from what I hear from a friend who is a teacher, the 41k they quote isnt exactly something which you can get within a couple of years of being a teacher or something!!

Here's … Here's onehttp://www.hotukdeals.com/item/189026/free-family-entry-to-sea-life-centr/:thumbsup:

I've just applied for one of these. Its great. We were told (though this isn't confirmed) that it can also be used at Kew Gardens, Birmingham Botanical Gardens and Westbirtin Arboretum. I'll try to find out more.
Teachers discounts are usually available through the union, so might be a good idea to check the website of the union your mum is in.

One discount I know about is 10% off at Arcadia group shops for NASUWT members and they have a section on their site listing other offers but you need your member number to view.
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