Teachers Gift ??

    End of the school term soon . Anyone good any idea what to get nursery/primary school Teachers??


    i always liked receiving candles always so relaxing and nice!
    i always appreciate my gifts that i get but sometimes i feel it is a waste of parents money on some of the items that i dont/cant use not that the parents would know, also bath salts stuff like that but everyone is different

    Flowers, wine, chocolates or box of biscuits.

    our local card fayre shop has lots of different teachers gifts from photo frames to teddys etc
    Its pretty cheap too if you have one of these shops close by take a look

    Just give the teacher last year's unwanted Christmas presents, that's what most teachers are used to recieving ... my wife often gets this stuff from her Y6 pupils anyway:)

    It's getting ridiculous. I have 2 boys in Year 2 at primary school, both have various combinations of teachers and LSA's due to job shares - 9 adults between them.The boys insist (!) that they each get sonething.

    So I have bought an Oxfam Unwrapped gift (this year a donation of school books ) and will send it in with enough bags of sweets for each adult.

    Hopefully, they'll only have 1 teacher each next year or maybe be in the same class....that'll help!


    i picked up smellys in the boot 75% off sale at xmas....hoping they are still smelly on the good side!!

    I always see loads of those gifts with best teacher and favourite teacher ,at charity shops and boot fairs it puts me off buying them if teachers are just giving them away

    My kids are at secondary school now, so dont have all that hassle!

    But having worked in an Infant school for the past 9 years I wouldnt buy chocolates as they end up in the staff room for all to share, I always bought candles/smellys etc.

    Something handmade is best

    DONT get chocolates, they just end up either in the staff room or being given away to family and friends. We had a teacher living next door to us and she always gave them out between family, friends and neighbours because she had waaaaaaaay too many boxes. Now my brother is a teacher and same thing happens.

    I have bought wine this year, but usually go for stuff like a mug filled with drink sachets and flake, marshmallows etc or some home made cakes/biscuits.
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