Teachers or Anyone - Oxford reading tree color codes for levels - confused!

Found 10th Jul 2014

these colour codes for stages are different? why?
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stage 2 song birds green - readinging chest stage 11 is green

stage 3 song birds blue - readinging chest stage 11 is yellow..............................
Colour codes should be used as a guide only. Thebooks are related to a particular phonic scheme and banded to progress as the child learns the different phonic sounds.
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Thanks, just thought ort would be "Standardised".
There is a 'standardised' way of colour coding books, if the school uses 'book band' then colours and age ranges are similar to ORT. The newer ORT phonic boooks are linked to the 'letters and sounds' scheme where words in the text use the sounds learned at each stage in the scheme. RML have their own books and work books, likewise 'jolly phonics'.
I hope that makes sense! Its hard to describe but if I can help let me know.
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