teachers strike on thursday - kids off school - does it affect you?

    completely forgot about this

    definately on

    dont know whether all schools are affected



    yeah gonna be a nightmare finding someone to look after them

    Don't know,but they go back tomorrow so they better have letters ready if they are shut Thursday.

    My daughter will be off on Thursday, she's due to sit her GCSEs so at least she can revise etc on Thursday, well thats the plan anyway! :whistling:

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    i have been told to check on school web site on the day!!!


    i have been told to check on school web site on the day!!!

    That's terrible! How on earth are you supposed to arrange things on the day!!

    my eldest sons comp is off but the school i work in are not striking so not too bad for me as thats where other 4 go to school too.

    Not really, i work at a school and still got to work :(, could do with a day off.

    There's some stupid rule whereby Headteachers aren't supposed to ask the staff if they're striking or not - although the teachers can volunteer the information if they choose to do so. I think the Union reps have to confirm which of the members are and aren't striking by tomorrow. That's why some schools can't give any extra warning. My sons teacher is not striking, which is good for me, but he's not such a big fan of school, so he's not happy! About 50% of the teachers are striking at his school.

    I'm in Dorset and my son's primary school sent a note home last week to advise the school is completely unaffected by the strikes - it's a great school!!

    I live in Birmingham, my son's are both at primary school. The school sent out a letter last Monday saying the school was going to be closed Wednesday and Thursday! Thankfully, another letter came home on Thursday, saying it was just Thursday. One day is better than two.

    I forgot all about it, jut rang my sons primary school on the Wirral and the head said they were sending a letter out today to say they are OPEN thank god, he loves school .…stm

    click on your county if you still don't know if your school is closed.


    Huraah! My kids Primary school is open!
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