Teaching someone to Read and Write English

    someone i know is looking to coach his partner with teaching English to them,
    they can speak etc, but need coaching to get the spelling and spoken correct

    does anyone know of any material available to help them in this cause?

    any help would be appreciated!


    Most colleges run English grammar lessons for non english speakers, this has to be the best way to go as they will get support throughout...
    Not that expensive either...:thumbsup:

    The local adult college here runs free ESL lessons. Phone the local council as they will have a list of such courses if they exist.

    Original Poster

    he was looking to teach his partner himself!

    and was in hunt for resources!


    he was looking to teach his partner himself!and was in hunt for resources!

    In that case, there are free materials online. Google 'free efl resources' for some of them :thumbsup:

    or free tesl lessons or tesol materials

    google ESOL resources

    also try libraries for dual language books and kiddy books to get reminders of simple words, also you can make your own language materials think pictures and the appropriate word written underneath and copy that word, place it in an appropriate sentence, read it aloud and tape yourself saying it, see if you can understand what you're saying.


    he was looking to teach his partner himself!and was in hunt for resources!

    Although as you say he was looking to teach his partner himself the learner often benefits from mixing with many other speakers. Courses may well be free anyway. There would then be nothing to prevent him reinforcing learning in the home environment. Dont dismiss it totally as an option.

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    thanks for all the help! will take up your recommendations!
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