Teaching yourself to be left handed

    Apart from being left handed anybody learnt to become left handed ? Any tips ? - Yes my day has been interesting


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    edit : too late

    lol @ above

    Just use you left hand more often. About 10 years ago I f-ed up my right wrist skiing and had to use my left hand to move the mouse on the 'puter amongst other things and I got so used to it that I still use the mouse in my left hand. That is how tennis players improve their weak hands or footballers their weak feet - practise with them over and over.

    try doing everything with your left hand would be a top tip lol

    surely it would take a good few months of constant activity with the wrong hand to get remotely good at it, whether it be writing etc


    It's like learning to snowboard switch, practice practice, but you'll still favour one side over the other.

    I wish I was right handed !!!


    I wish I was right handed !!!


    stick to the lefty club


    why??stick to the lefty club

    Always smudge the ink when writing.... I've always used my right hand for cutting cos I can't stand left handed scissors

    When I fractured my scafoid I had to use my left hand because my right was in plaster. Was surprised at how quickly I managed to do things with left hand, as left hand had always been really weak. Even managed stuff like opening child-proof medicine bottles with left hand only - was used to using both hands!


    I can do most things with both hands apart from writing. my right handed writing is worse than my left. although, my left handed writing is pretty bad too :lol:

    i'm naturally left handed
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