Team Fortress 2/Steam Question

    I bought the orange box on steam a few weeks ago, and 2 of the downloads are:

    Team Fortress 2
    Team Fortress 2 Beta

    The beta is over 4gb, do I need this if the normal TF2 is there?


    No you don't, the Beta version is there if you want to try an experimental release which hasn't been released to the wider TF2 community, it may contain glitches/bugs but also some improvements.

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    Ok so I can just remove TF2 Beta, and play TF2?

    Don't see the point of the beta being there at all!

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    How do I remove it from my list of games? It isn't installed yet.

    And if I do ever want to play a game I have bought and removed from Steam, how do I get it back? i.e. if I format my laptop. Thanks.

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    Ah ok, so if I uninstall say Doom 3, it will still be in my library, just not installed?

    Just that I removed some free games like Trackmania and some Moon game that I had started to download, and now they are no where to be found.
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    I believe the beta is to test the new dlc/updates etc... before it gets released into the actual game. I remember reading it somewhere.

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    Ok thanks all.
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