Tech experts, is this a good system?

Found 22nd Mar
Hello, can someone tell me is this a good buy please?

i7 8700K
32GB DDR4 2666mhz (2x16GB)
2xSLI 1080ti
liquid cooling
512nvme SSd
2TB Platter
Windows 10 home
£2136 1 year warranty

Thank you.
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not all info of the build is there but what is there is good

if you're asking people if it's a good system though I can't imagine you will utilise 2x 1080ti's and 32GB ram
Don’t get 2 1080ti, useless really. Most modern games aren’t optimised to run in sli. Just sell the second one and make a profit on it due to the mining craze
Good at what?

For a normal computer I'd expect it to be power hungry and potentially noisy.
Hello, it would be my intention to sell one of the 1080’s, making a water cooled 8700k 1080ti circa £1500.
Good? Yes, it's Overkill though, what are you going to do with it?

Things what are Overkill in this system is 2 GTX 1080ti and 32gb DDR4
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