TECH GUYS, CURRYS, TV, Repair or Replace??

TECH GUYS, CURRYS, TV, Repair or Replace??

Just wondering if any of you guys have had to use Currys "Tech Guys" to come out and repair / replace your TV within warranty?

Was just wondering if you have used them and have a couple of questions:-

Did they fix the fault 1st time?

Did they repair or replace?

Fixed onsite or Offsite ?

How long did it it take them to fix?

If you got a replacement, was it like for like or did you get a upgrade as your TV was now obsolete ? - Was it the same make ?




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Just been reading online that they tend to just repair, but some customers seem to have the same issue on the TV's when returned..

Can anyone answer the above ?


i guess it all depends on the fault and how easily accessible any spare parts for that TV are.

we still get plenty of people in with replacement vouchers.

a lot of people still seem a bit dumfounded that it goes on spec not original price paid, so a 5 year old plasma costing £1500 is the equivalent of a £5-600 model now.

some people dont realise about prices dropping due to manufacturing more.

they expect £1500 of vouchers.

they'll find the nearest TV to yours, if its quite a recent tv, you might be able to replace it for the same model but its up to you what you wanna spend your vouchers on.
if you've gotten the original TV in a sale and the equivalent now costs more than your original purchase price, that will be accounted for with your vouchers.
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