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    hi all, I've been left with an old laptop by my sister, she wants me to get get all her files off of it. The only problem is that the files are all over the place (she's very untidy), and she forgot to mention that the version od Xp she has, is entirely in German (thus it's a pain to find everything).
    Basically, does anyone know of a way to simply back up all files and documents from the laptop, couldn't care less about programs or applications, just written documents and photos.
    I don't really want to transfer one file at a time, as there are a few gigs worth of pics and documents, is there some sort of backup program that can do this?
    Rep for help.


    depending on how big the drive is you could do a full backup of the machine and extract later. Or alternatively if there are in the My documents folder back that up

    You could do wildcard searches for .doc & .jpegs and see where there are located

    why not use a clonedisk on a bootable cd

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    why not use a clonedisk on a bootable cd

    will a clonedisc copy everything on the drive?

    right click the my docs folder and copy it to an external hdd. I never use the programs, dont trust them!

    Clonezilla will do what you want. It's a daunting interface, but works very well. Or you can look up Acronis TrueImage, it's pretty great too.

    edit: whoops, sorry, you don't want an exact clone. Probably nothing for it but hard graft, if things are literally all over the place..

    so you want a program that will read your sisters memory to see where the unnamed files are and copy them to another disk?.
    one for MS i think,
    might help if you give the reasons behind this daunting task..
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