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Found 1st Feb 2011
Hi all, sorry to be a pain. I am usuallg at things like this - I'll keep it as short as I can:

A friends laptop had the following blue screen on startup - c000021a. As it would not let me get into windows I tried the usual safe modes but no joy.

Advised my friend that the best I could do was to copy all of her data to an external hard drive, reformat her laptop and copy the files she needed back over.

Inserted Hiren's Boot CD, running XP mini. I am now able to view her C:, therefore be ale to copy the files over to a USB hard drive. The problem I have is her laptop (Dell Inspiron 8600) will not recognise the IDE hard drive I have attached via USB in a HDD caddy. The hardrive is 90 gigs. Her laptop does recognise a USB pen drive I have though which is only 3.7 gigs.

I suspect the problem is the way the external hard drive is formatted (NTFS) or the size. It is recognised in my desktop though. Is there any chance I can format it so that it is recognised in Mini Windows XP?

All help and suggestions are very very welcome, and very much appreciated.

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I just formated the external hdd to now only be 30gig, but it is still not recognised. I'm getting very confused

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No power indicator lights I'm afraid as I broke the case open to enable me to swap IDE hard drives inside, but my other PC does acknowledge it when it's connected so it does work.

Going to try the following what I read on another site and see whether it works:
"Hello all, and sorry for my poor english,
i had the same problem with a client’s computer, here is the way i resolved that:
client computer has Win xp pro with sp2, it wasn’t bootable even in safe mode.
So i booted with a bartPE cd, and renamed the following files:
csrss.exe –> csrss.exeold
win32k.sys –> win32k.sysold
winlogon.exe –> winlogon.exeold
I took these files from a working computer runing window xp pro sp3 (i didn’t have a sp2 computer with me) and put them back in the bad computer.
That worked perfectly, no idea why…
Hope it will help some people.


need Sp3 to support over 40gb hard drive or something?
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re read original. My inspiron 5160 won't power most external usb drives with one port. I have a 2 usb ports into one mini usb adapter cable.

Its an old laptop and one of the external usb ports failed meaning i had to get an external powered usb hub to over come this problem.

If the usb drive isn't getting enough power it usually clicks though. But i would try the above first .

Re csiman cheers for clearing up. Am on my phone, bit long winded for me to research it.
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Thanks everyone.
I partioned the drive to 39 gig, and got it to recognise. Left it over night to copy the whole contents of the laptop drive over. The fun part tonight is to reinstall windows.

Once again, thanks for all of your help guys, looks like jobs a goodun!
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