Tech Help - Touch Screen PC Connection help - Serial card needed

Found 12th Feb 2011
I got a touch screen monitor given, my plan was to hook it up to windows 7 pc to use mainly as a jukebox.

Firstly the connections from the screen are vga 'in' & serial 'out'.

Problem is i don't have a serial connection on the pc, so have been looking into installing one on the pc - i believe I require a 'pci serial card' but when i've looked at buying one there are ones for £5 upto some for £80+

Can anyone with computer knowlwedge recommend the card i need?
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You can get USB-serial(RS232) adapter much cheaper and they are usually pretty reliable.
cheers, will look into that - like this:…g_c
Also, is it a self-build PC or a branded/shop bought one? Quite a few motherboards still have a pin-out for serial connection but don't include the actual socket on the backpane.. Might be worth checking (although USB-serial might still work out cheaper, certainly shouldn't cost more than a tenner delivered and potentially a lot less if you are will to search and risk ebay\amazon marketplace etc).

Edit - yeah, just like that... Worth having a shop about to find a retailer/product you trust with decent reviews (also Win 7 drivers *could* be an issue, although it might work out the box so to speak - try and find reviews that confirm it works).
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It's a HP pc world bought pc, fairly new. I will open it up & have a look at the existing connections. Good point about win 7 drivers i will make sure I get the right piece of kit.

great help ty

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