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    I recived my new Dell 2407wfp 24" flatscreen monitor today, It connected up via the DVI connection with no problems.

    I changed the resolution on my Pc to 1920 x 1200 and again all was ok.

    However when my son Logged onto Toontown (an online game) the pc slowed right down and eventaully came up with a programme error.

    I changed the resolution several times but still had the same results.

    I disconnected the DVI cable and connected with the VGA cable and everything was fine regardless of what resolution the pc was set to.

    I know that this particular application is very resource intensive so was wondering if my graphics card was not upto the job in this case.

    The card is an ATI Radeon mobility 9200 256mb - its the type with a heat sink rather than a fan, it has both VGA and DVI output and you can set seperate resolutions for each output when connected.

    The PC has a 2.4 AMD processor with 1Gb ram.

    To be honest I dont really know what the benefits of using DVI over VGA are so any help on this would be greatly appreciated.


    [SIZE=2]Did you notice any difference in quality using DVI compared to VGA? If not then the simplest thing is to use VGA.[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=2]If you did notice a difference, try installing the latest drivers for the graphics card. Also make sure that the DVI monitor is set to primary monitor and that you're GFX card is not trying to run 2 monitors simultaneously. Other than that I can't help much.[/SIZE]

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    Thanks for the response Markwills.

    To be honest I didnt notice any difference when connected either way, but then again I was only running standard windows applications which would perhaps not show it at its best.

    I checked the driver for the card and its already running the latest version. Also after running the game properly with the VGA cable it also seems very jerky on this monitor, so perhaps the card is inadequate - It was a relativly cheap one anyway.
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