Right so last weekend my desktop crashed and could do nothing with it so had to do full system restore.
    Thought I'd lost everything but when trying to re-install security software I found all my documents and stuff,but I cant find anything to do my email (microsoft office outlook).
    Lost all my addresses and saved emails.NIGHTMARE.
    Does anyone know of any way or any software that can get this back?
    Please help.


    what is the name of the folder you found your documents it. and what OS are you using.?

    When you install a new OS it creates a folder called Old XXX and dumps all your stuff in there, usually on the C:

    Did you have it partitioned? I.e. documents on E: and OS on C: if so your emails will be lost as the .pst files Outlook uses are saved in C: Documents & Settings>Users and would have been wiped and all your My Docs would be on E: so safe

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    documents found in- C\documents and settings\compaq_owner\compaq owners documents.
    OS windows xp

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    please someone help!!

    Its not very likely that you ll be able to recover any outlook info, because its probably been overwritten by data when you restored your PC.
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