Techie computer pic uploading help??

    I have a photo on my PC on Adobe which I can copy but not save as. Is there anything i can do or any program I can put it onto so that I can upload it onto Facebook?


    If you can copy it, assuming you're on windows, open wordpad / paint / word and paste it into there first and save somewhere handy so you can find to upload it. gl.

    1. Open up the file (I assume it's a PDF document) in Adobe Reader
    2. Click the image (left click) - it should turn blue
    3. Now right click it and select "copy image"
    4. Open up an image editing program. If you use Windows, you can use Paint which is located on Start Button > Programs > Accessories
    4. If using Paint - go to Edit (at the top of the screen) and select "Paste" (or instead of doing Edit > Paste, press CTRL and V at the same time.
    5. If you have white space around the edge, get rid of it by dragging the bottom right corner of the image (there'll be a little blue dot) to resize the border accrdoing to how big the picture is. This step may not be required.
    6. Now your image is ready to be saved. Go to File then "Save as".
    7. Choose somewhere to save it, give it a name and (optionally) change the "Save as type" option to PNG or BMP to maintain the image's quality. If you use JPEG the image quality may be reduced.
    8. You're done! Click "Save" and now you can upload the image you just saved onto Facebook!
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