Techie Help needed

    One of the computers we use at work has a password protecting the email on it (we use outlook)

    nobody can remember the password to access the program but we need to use it.

    is there a way to find out what the password is?



    No you can't get into your girlfriends email



    No you can't get into your girlfriends email


    Download this standalone program. It does not install anything. Then look for Eureka in tools. It will open a small window to reveal the password you need. Basically you open the email account details then click on the magnifying glass.…exe

    I have used ]http//ww…tml in the past. Not sure if they still do outlook files, but worth a look. May have to buy the software, but may have a free trial...

    Hope everything is Ok with your gf :thumbsup:

    There shouldn't be, there's not much point in having a password screen if there's a simple way to bypass it.

    On the off-chance that the password hasn't been set up correctly and the password is stored somewhere you could try one of the utilities that will retreive passwords like…tml
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