Techie Help Needed!!!

    Ok so me and a friend have decided to set up a small business and would like to have an online presence - although this will not be where the business is run (at the moment anyway).

    Unfortunately neither one of us has any experience in setting up and running a website at all

    Could anybody set out a few steps on how to purchase a domain name (we defo want to do this first step as we dont want anybody setting up a website with our business name) and how to set up a simple website. The costs involved etc

    It would really be appreciated



    You can buy a domain name from (for example) normally for 1 or 2 years. To get a website on there you'd then need to buy domain hosting. Lots of companies out there to choose from, and the prices vary quite a bit depending. They will give you login settings to upload your site.

    Then you'd need to create the website itself (or have this done for you), and upload it to your domain.

    To get a free domain name go to…ve/
    you even get paid £2.50 for using quidco and best of all a free domain, we use and can recommend it.

    Good luck with your business by the way.

    Whats the business?

    I believe theres a member on here who is into this - il try and dig him out.


    To get a free domain name go to … To get a free domain name go to even get paid £2.50 for using quidco and best of all a free domain, we use and can recommend it.Good luck with your business by the way.

    I agree - I did this and it's great. The only possible drawback could be you cannot be flexible with the design of the webpage but this will be to your advantage if you have no techie skills.

    I been with godaddy for a good few years now,no problems. They do it all,from domain name to hosting etc. but you can start with a domain name and just have a landing page for now, like - If you are going with godaddy for your domain, just let me know .com .info .org etc. and I'll dig you out a code

    You can get cheap domain names from anywhere nowadays , you could buy the two together and web hosting .I've been with UK2 before , they run quite a good service . But ,in the meantime get hold of a webpage design program . Frontpage , Dreamweaver , anything like this and start to design a basic webpage . The only other program you'll need is a ftp proggy ...this is used to upload your site to the domain once it's up and running . Theres lots of program to do this Cuteftp and others ,I use WSftp [ipswitch] ,this is very easy to use and does the job well .
    Of ,course if you want something that contains moving graphics etc , you'll need a program that will design them and create swf files .But that sort of thing can come later.There is sites however you can download readymade websites from , I was given a link recently and they had about 250 sites for FREE . Some of them were quite good too , but you will still need the editor to change and add your names etc.
    I think I pay 8 or 9 pound every 2 years for name registration and about £29 a year for web hosting , but if you shop around I'm sure you can find something cheaper.hth

    Original Poster

    thanks for your help
    some good pointers there, something to keep me busy at the weekend anyway!
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