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    Hi Guys,

    Im having a few problems with the memory on the harddrive of my laptop.

    The laptop has a memory of 62GB. At the moment its almost full which is causing me a few problems. Thing is that I dont really understand whats eating up all the memory.

    I have Itunes with 37GB worth of music stored and apart from that there is nothing else really stored on the harddrive. I have an external harddrive that I move things to to free up space

    So I calculate that once I have deducted the 37 from the 62 I should still be left with at least 20GB worth of space.

    I understand that programs use RAM and not the harddrive space, but in any case I have limited the number of programs I have installed so as to maximise performance.

    I think the problem may be down to an unsuccessul attempt to move where the Itunes folder was stored from my laptop to the external harddrive. I think it may have just moved a copy of the folder to somewhere else on the laptop - is this possible?

    Anybody able to recommend a way of seeing exactly what is saved on the computer and the size of the file etc? or a way of checking if there is another copy of my itunes stored on the laptop taking up space? Whenever I try to look at the contents of the harddrive I have to go through various folders and it doesnt list the size of its contents

    Any help would be much appreciated

    Rep will be added for any help


    My first piece of advice is not to get memory confused with storage.

    Your laptop definitely doesn't have 62GB memory. Memory is volatile which means it's not used to store anything long term, just really as an area to preload programs into to make them run faster.

    If you have 62GB HDD, you need to appreciate your Operating System (Windows) will take part of this too.

    Without downloading any utilities, it's not that easy to find duplicates etc - you need to manually search for them. What you could do is search for 'iTunes' as this is appears in the folder name too. Maybe once you locate the duplicate - if it's there - you can deal with it.

    You need a bit of detective work. Open windows explorer and go to C:, then right click programs, windows, users etc and see how much space they're using by selecting properties. Then you'll need to explore the sub folders and repeat the above. Delete what you don't want and EMPTY THE RECYCLE BIN.

    goto My Computer and change the view to 'Details'.
    This should tell you how much space is used and whats left.

    goto My Computer and right click the drive, then goto properties.

    You could also try ccleaner (c**p cleaner) its a free software program that you run to clear out all the c**p on your hard drive, it also has a registry cleaner as one of its free utitlities, it is always voted as one of the top free programs in webuser and computer active,

    Original Poster

    Thanks Guys

    Some good tips there, looks like I'll have to spend some time figuring out whats using up all the space

    Dont forget that system restore can take up a large chunk of space too.

    Use Treesize or Windirstat (just google them) to visualize your hard drive. You can then easily tell what is eating away at the space. Also, if you're running vista, keep in mind that it can use 10 GB with a fresh install, rising up to 15GB in some cases..

    run disk cleanup in /all programs/accessories/system tools
    turn off hibernate via a command prompt ( powercfg -h off )


    you can turn paging off to save space.. your computer will run slower though...bigger HDD?


    find duplicate files:
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