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    I'm doing a job application and I need to type into a document that is saved as a JPEG file - any ideas how I could do that?

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    You can't.
    JPEG is an image file.

    Unless of course it isn't actually a JPEG (can you open it in Word?)

    afaik - you can't type into a JPEG, unless using photoshop - but i think that is far fetched to be typing out an application

    Had a look on net, and you can get jpeg to pdf converters, then you can get pdf to word converters, but all seems abit much, surely they have the application in a word document :oops:


    You can't.JPEG is an image file.

    You can add text in paint (although you'll have to be precise with your text box), or print it off & physically write on it.

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    I would want to convert it to a word document I think, its real pain in the ****!

    Can't take that long to type into word if it's already finished can it?

    Is the form from the company who are offering the job? - if they want a specific application form filled in on a computer then it seems strange that they don't give you access to one that can be edited.

    You could also type your responses into word line by line then copy & paste them into the picture.

    Maybe its file extension is wrong, copy it into a different folder and rename .doc

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    it looks as though they have scanned the original and saved it in the jpeg format once scanned

    Just print it out and fill it in

    scan it, send it back :P

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    Just print it out and fill it in :)scan it, send it back :P

    no printer:x

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    JPG to pdf might be the only option.

    yeah that was what I was thinking

    You could add it as a picture to say Publisher or even Word. Then overlay a text box or two to fill in all the details you need. Then print it out that way ;-)

    Have done this before.

    PS perhaps this is their way of 'testing' you ;-)

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    whats the best pdf to word converters out there?

    I think there is a Word addon that allows it to accept pdf files. Cant remember what it was called though.

    EDIT: ]SaveAsPDF

    May allow you to open them within Word as well... cant remember coz its been ages since i read about it.


    whats the best pdf to word converters out there?

    A PDF to word converter usually reads the text in a post-script document and turns it back into Word format; this won't work here as its all just a bit-map image. You could use an OCR software but that would be flakey - best bet is to simply add as a picture in your word processor/DTP and overlay text boxes as stated above.

    My advice would be contact the company and tell them, maybe you clicked onto the wrong application form or something went wrong with your browser?

    Try and download it again, if its still a jpeg the company has screwed up and id imagine you would be wasting your time trying to edit it at all.

    unless this is actually a question on the application form in which case ignore all of the above.

    Converting a JPG to an editable document (i.e. Word .doc file) is going to be a disaster.

    The JPG to PDF converter will just give you a non-editable PDF. When you then convert that to a .doc (if you can) it'll probably mess up the formatting.

    I can't believe a company would provide an application form which you fill out on your computer as a JPG!

    What you need is some ]OCR software. You don't need to scan it as good OCR software will take pdf jpg etc. and convert into images and txt. I think the one I used was ]ABBYY FineReader and it scans and highlights txt or images. If it gets the areas wrong you can then adjust it. This will then convert to word doc or pdf or whatever you want. You should hopefully be able to get a 30 day trial.


    whats the best pdf to word converters out there?

    I wouldn't bother with this to be honest - it's highly likely that the convertor won't keep the formatting of the original form. I'd go with the previous suggestion of copying the image into Word and overlaying it with text boxes...
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