Techie help needed with laptop to TV sound issue

    Trying to watch films via my laptop on my hd tv. Got the picture sorted, but having problems with the sound. Im using a 3.5mm Male Stereo Jack with two color coded male RCA plugs (black and red). I've checked that the sound isnt muted etc so could do with some advice.

    One thing I have noticed is that the Black RCA plug goes into a white connector on the back of the tv, is this the issue?


    try 3.5mm male/male on both ends presuming the tv has a 3.5mm jack

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    think the problem is that there is a PC line in cable that the sound will go through so it wont accept it any other way

    are you saying the tv has no 3.5mm jack? mine does.

    if you're using linein/out cables then you need to go into audio setting within the tv and enable it that way

    just to clarify, what jack have you got the 3.5mm end plugged into on your laptop?
    It'd need to be the headphone or line out socket. Line in is for input only

    My tv doesn't have a 3.5mm input. Most tvs have 3.5mm output jack though for headphones to plug into, is that what you mean?

    What input have you got the video signal going into?

    That will govern what sound inputs will or wont work..

    For example on my TV the 3.5mm jack plug is only live if I'm on VGA or HDMI2

    how have you connected the laptop to the tv- vga? hdmi? dvi?

    my tv has a vga monitor connection which i connect the laptop thru and the vga on the tv has a 3.5mm headphone jack right next to it which i plug the 3.5mm cable straight into the headphone jack on my laptop.
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