Techie Help with ConvertXtodvd needed!

    Ive just burned my first film to disc using Convertxtodvd. It all worked fine and the quality is great. However there is a slight drag when there is a lot of movement on screen - the drag is very slight, my mum didnt notice it but it was bugging me (and no its not just my eyes!)

    does anybody have any tips to avoid this in future or can explain what caused it?


    not used this proggy but usually this kind of effect is down to high (re)compresssion rates, seee if this is adjustable in the options
    the rate may be fine for reading off a hdd but a dvd drive is slower so the less compression the better.

    Might have been the speed you burnt at...Althought you might have 16x or more capable DVD's, I have found it's best to burn at lowest speed, 2.4x I think it is. It only takes an extra few minutes

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    ok guys - thanks for the tips
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    I had a similar problem with DVD Creator 3 so lowered burn speed changed format to PAL (didn't realise it was on NTSC by default).
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