Techie HELP..I need a FREE way to route through a UK IP address to use BBC's iPlayer & C4's watch again

I am currently working away in france and missed the last episode on C4 thursday of Redriding 1983 !!!. Watched the other 2 but had a powercut whilst out so HD recorder reset !!!!

There is the watch again option on C4's website BUT NOT available outside the UK. I have found this company/ website:…Y4A who want £5 a month !! I only want to see this one episode as I have full UK FTA TV

Also Google says a lot of the proxy servers block streaming or Java content which watch again is

Any pointers to a FREE UK IP router VERY welcome, REP central too :). thanks

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to watch it from another country, you can, you will have to change your proxy to a UK one.
it's not very simple to do but you can find out how to do it by many websites on Google

for a simple way to watch programmes or movies, i suggest ]Surfthechannel
it's a great website that has thousands of different videos
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