Technical advice/suggestions Plex DVR via Synology NAS using Satellite

Posted 5th May 2020
I live in an area that has terrible Aerial signal, but satellite works a charm.

I was intrigued by a recent thread for Plex where people are using various USB "Tuners" plugged into their NAS Drives and Plex acts as the DVR and the NAS stores any recordings.

That looks perfect, thinks me, so off I go on a Google session and seem to have hit a brick wall.

Satelite USB Tuners are listed on Synology's site, such as TVButler, but these also all appear to now be old and unsupported on my DS218Play

There are suggestions of linking multiple devices together via computers and other bothersome intermediaries, but nothing seems clean and simple like the Aerial option via HDHomerun.

I just want to plug in a tuner to my NAS and have done with it, but perhaps this is not possible?

Can anyone more experienced in this than I enlighten me?
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