Technical glitch on website resulting in being charged twice

Posted 8th Mar
Friday I ordered a delivery to my friend’s house via Foodhub, added items to basket, went to checkout and received an error message. The website told me to redo my basket.

Checked my emails and no confirmation email.

Decided instead of a delivery, I’d pick it up as I was going to drive anyway. Ordered again, rang the takeaway and said I couldn’t pick it up for 45mins. They said ok we’ve had the order in.

Picked the order up, drove down said friend’s house, ate the food. 10 mins later, driver turns up with identical order. We explained we’d already picked this up but they said there was nothing they can do.

Spoke to Foodhub via live chat and they keep saying the takeaway process the refund. I explained it was an error with their website but they are point blank refusing to refund me. Paid with debit card so not sure if it’s worth calling the bank?

Not sure what else to do. Has anyone had similar experience with this?

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What you should have done is refused the delivery when they knocked on your door and told them to send it back, then ring the takeaway and ask them to process the refund as it was an unknown order
I had similar with a company a few years ago. I spent ages on phone sorting just to be told to wait until it cleared. Was showing twice in pending. Automatically sorted and only one payment went through. Not sure what to advise you to do just saying what happened to me
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Stay clear of Foodhub
They have had better offers recently, but I had the same thing. Ordered but some of the order come wrong, tried to call the takeaway but no answer (we called over 100 times). So went on live chat to see what they said, pain in the back side. They said oh we will call them come back to me few mins later oh we can’t get through to them either. Will try again now and still couldn’t get through. So in the end we had half a takeaway that we could eat and then the next day I called the takeaway myself, they was very apologetic and refunded me the wrong items straight away. Just a pain to try and get it.
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