Found 26th May 2009
tesco's televisions -

can someone please tell me if these are any good from experience?

my boyfriend wont let me buy one as he thinks they will be cheaply made and wont last.



had a 42" lcd for 2 years-no problems at all.

Won a 19" lcd from the boffer bag of crap and its a technica - been a trusty little set in spare bedroom

Got a 22" one in the kitchen had it a while now no problems at all.

got a 19", used daily for watching dvd's and still working fine 13 months on.... technika tv's are the same as any cheap tv e.g. bush ... cept its different badging .. and tesco will replace it within the 12 months warranty and you can buy an extended warranty too

I had a Technika in the kitchen, a 19" I think, it seemed really slow to operate with the remote.

Ended up packing in after a year so I took it back. I didn't have the box, only the receipt but I got a full refund from Tesco for it which I thought was good. The woman didn't even look at it!

Trouble is as they are just re badged generic Chinese TV's they could be made by different manufactures for different models, so someone could get a great 27" for example and someone else get a really bad 22"
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