Techno-stupid female needing help with chosing good mobile, laptop, broadband and maybe LCD HDMI tv?!

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Found 2nd Apr 2009
Hi everyone,
got a tax rebate!
HELP needed for slightly techno-stupid but sweet female who just about know's a wifi from a Wii! Want a good deal for the above and have a few idea's (new O2 deal sounds good) and desparatly need a laptop. So..

* Rubbish old samsung phone that is dying on pay as u go £20 voda monthly tariff with 200 mins and 200 texts.
* Old mitsubishi computer downstairs and only 4.6 mbps available with dyiinng speedtouch modem/router in NON-CABLE area £ 14.99 monthly virgin- so so sllloooow.
* Upstairs Acer Laptop (not mine!) uses the modem/router but no signal at present!
* BT landmine with virgin £10 monthly line rental.
* O2 and T-mobile nearest mast but voda ok upstairs only though!
* NHS discounts or cashback but not quidco available for discount at most retailers.
* Are u laughing yet??! ;-( LOL.

WANT ;-)
* Fairly easy to use mobile- not too expensive or free with deal mobile package with broadb with good camera. Would consider buying phone separatly- Nokia, samsung, LG etc.- NOT 3!
* More minutes 600>800- not with more than 12 months if poss.
* Laptop with built in camera for skype? and fairly decent screen and biggish buttons (for clumsy fingers!)- quite like samsung DC10 but am open to other idea's.
* LCD HDMI tv (£ 300 approx) that would occasionally be used for x-box games- happy for reasonable size screen- (this might have to wait-maybe until oled pushes prices down further...thanks HotDeals!).
* As above- networks.
* At least a few replys- so I dont look like a total numpty with O responses!

Thanks so much for yr valuable energy and time!
P.s. Wouldnt mind a Wii to go with my special offer Wii fit...but beggars cant be choosers?!


is "Techno-stupid female" you way of saying you are blondie lolol

Original Poster

Oh dont worry- Im more of a Platinium...LOL..joke! ( going brunette at the weekend though ;-)

Doesn't look as if you are that techno-stupid because you put in a fair amount of info...just a few questions;

1. Mobile Phone: average number of mins. / txts actually used per month?
2. Budgets?
3. How long can you wait?

This should help making recs. for you.

Ive got a nokia N85 only available from orange but good phone slim, good camera and lots of wee techie bits that we never use, go for that one if you can.

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Hi everyone...thanks elaine...but orange no good for me as coverage rubbish ;-(.
Frogman...thanks to u too...
1. Only use about 200 texts a month and thats fine, have only 200 mins and that is way not enough as I end up using landmine to call mobiles (last quarter was £170). Would like a lot more mins so i can cut my landline bill.
2. Budgets...(well went clothes shopping today...so budget reduced now..lol)
Would spend up to £100 on a decentish phone with broadband and 5 megapixel camera but am now thinking that it might be better to go for a 12 month contract...and bolt on and internet.
Laptop...about £350...with good battery life...would only use occasionally for x-box games.

Think i might leave the tv for now as reckon prices will drop soon.
3. As for how long i can wait....well put it this way...am driving my mates and family up the wall as I cant use the no9/WXYZ button...so my texts are now very dyslexic, I sound like im going mad...lol...and if u have a 9 in yr number I just might not call! Plus the battery only lasts a few hours...so lets just say...the phone is a PRIORITY!! The laptop...comes in second...(can wait for another month or two) and the tv 3rd.

Hope that answers yr question ;-)

Thanks to all!

Little 'ol me x

Sorry for the delay...have a look at ]these...I'd go for the ]O2 Simplicity deals (better if you go thru Quidco).

Samsung have a new range of Netbooks coming out N110, N120 or N310 but I don't now if they can be used for games. Otherwise, go for HP, Dell, Toshiba or Acer (in that order - Sony if possible) through HUKD, Morgan Computers or any other decent site (watch out for Pixmania...).

BT is doing some deals on broadband but if you go for the O2 phone, then go for O2 broadband. Orange do free broadband if you have a contract...

Hope this helps...please ask if you need any more.

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Hi Frogman...think im even closer! (are u sitting comfortably ;-).
* Really like the nokia 5800 phone (but no nokia free music) and have seen 2 options for this (see below).
* Also like the nokia 5310 express music phones with free comes with music downloads (attractive to me).
* Maybe even the sony E w890i with FM at £100 pounds approx.

** Id like a phone with a decentish camera and/or a good music phone.
OR!! Do i go for the HDUK deals of the creative zen stone 2GB or the sansa clip at around £15>20 and get a phone with good camera separatly?

* Has to be O2 I reckon (phew...only one choice!).
- just have to decide if i go for monthly sim only (600 mins ) or 12 monthly simplicity 20 (800 mins)- both at £19.58 i think with bolt-on. I only use bout 200 texts.

* Phones for u deal- (was going to go for this). (600 mins and 3000 texts).
On O2 18/12's at £ 35 with £ 125 auto cashback and nokia 5800 works out at £ 42 a month- think u can get
a bolt on but an extra £7.50 month for web unlimited i think.
* Mobiles.co.uk-
Above deal with nokia 5800 BUT 13 months half price-taking me to £13! a month.

* The post office deal sounds great ( home phone deal of £10.72 a month with calls free in evening, and at weekend free on landmine and mobile calls to UK and up to 20 different international countries!). Just have to check the mbps and usage allowance.
* Or should i go with 02 and get home broadband too for a fee?

* Has to be either the
- Acer aspire ONE D150 (but has linux, no bluetooth and poor trackpad im told but rated one of the best in WHICH)
- Samsung NC10 (has webcam for my skype i want to have, long battery, windows XP, bluetooth and also scored highly on which).

* Linsys N ultra plus WAG 160 N.

So...what do u think (cant believe how much time i have spent researching all this...how do people do this and still have a life? lol).

Your're a STAR!

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P.s Rep added by the way!

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CORRECTION (the shame).

The phones4u deal works out at £28 a month...NOT £42...and the mobiles.co.uk works out at £22 a month approx...NOT £13...(I wish!).

Been browsing so much I reckon Ive frazzled my brain...bet Ive runined my rep now ;-(

Hi there...looks like you have been busy! Browsing for deals does get intense and it's difficult to remember where you've seen what...

Sounds like you are all set on the phone...which is good because that's the hardest thing to recommend. Personally, it is better to have a separate music player but I hear that Sony phones are really good for music - depends how much of an audiophile you are! Go for convenience and what is best for you (in terms of quality, cost and convenience). Is the Nokia free music as good as your normal music source? Here are a couple of sites for reviews & deals;

]GSM Arena

]One Compare

]Mobile Phone Checker

I was going to recommend the O2 broadband deal (#1 in Which? ISP review...) but the Post Office deal sounds pretty good - check the details and the small print.

For the notebook/netbook, I'd go for the new Samsung N110 (or the N120) but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks. Samsung are #1 in Netbooks right now...Which? are behind the curve on this but have a new report coming out in May.

The Linksys is defintely one of the best routers but if you go for the O2 deal, they will send you a DSL modem/router as part of the deal. (PO also for the Extra deal).

Hope this helps!
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