Technological Question in the Army occupation...

    Just looking for outside view's on what advantages a camera would bring to the army, if it were possible to see around corners?

    Other than seeing if the building was occupied, or fellow soldiers were injured for retrieval, etc!

    The technology basically work's like sonar, except it uses light.

    This is a serious question btw.


    Safely gauge distance to enemy target?.
    Blind attacking troops with flash?

    Original Poster…tml

    It's slightly more advanced than a periscope.. lol

    Stops someone sticking their head around a corner to see and getting shot??


    i find a mirror works just as well when targeting my victims. A video camera in battle would allow telemetry to be beamed to command where they can see what is happening on the ground and make informed decisions rather than blind stupid ones.

    There has been some work done by MIT for lookign aroudn corners. The laser is directed towards say a door with the occupants in the room, the amount of light reflected back enables a vague image to be drawn up. Its in its infancy but a great leap forward. I believe the journal was printed in the Natures journal (impact factor over 50 only means soemthing to people in acedemia or journal readers).

    Anyway here is the link…037

    No use unless there were corners

    Other than seeing round walls, it could be useful for looking in tight spaces e.g. looking in engine spaces to see what's wrong.
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