Technophobe - Laptop/Desktop recommendations for Football Manager 2020.

Posted 27th Jan
Hi all. Looking for some advice. I am after a laptop/desktop purely to play Football Manager 2020. Not fussed about 3D matches or many leagues loaded so was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. My budget is £300-£500 though after a bit of scouring I'm seeing people recommend getting the Stadia to play it? Any advice welcomed
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I bought Google Stadia for this purpose, runs perfectly
Edited by: "joeydeacon" 27th Jan…154 is more than enough for Football Manager 2020.

Alternatively if it's just FM20 Touch that you want to play then an iPad or Nintendo Switch would be suitable.
Thanks for the suggestions. Was looking at FM20 Touch but like the detailed aspects of the full version from what I've seen.
If you don't mind the android app version then something like a galaxy tab a works great. I've the 2016 version of the tablet and fm20.
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