Techy heeeeellllp please tv/dvdr


    Can someone help me out please.

    We have just got our lovely brand new Sony Bravia out of it's box and am now trying to connect up our old Sony RDR-HX910 hard drive recorder but can't figure out how to connect the recorder so that it will tape off the tv.

    Can anyone help please?




    Where do you want to tape from? Sky/virgin or from the aerial (bbc1, itv etc)

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    from the freeview on the tv please (aerial).

    Are you using freeview on your new tv because if you are it will not work. It will only record through analogue. If you want to record freeview you will have to buy a freeview box and hook this up.


    At the back of the dvdr should be two slots where the aerial wire should go in, connect the aerial into rf in or aerial in and then connect another wire from aerial out into the tv. I think that should work

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    Thank you.

    Sadly you've just confirmed what we thought this very second... we now need an digital hardrive.... donations to the cause greatly appreciated, lol!


    Yes strikerman is correct, I thought it wouldn't work :s


    you hook it to the 1st scart socket, and the tv socket on the dvdr

    you CAN record from the tv freeview if you have the tv showing that same channel, and set one of the av sockets on the dvd-r, it does feed out from the tv

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    very fed up husband... think he'll try this tomorrow night!

    jubbyme is correct in this but as far as I am aware you have to have the tv on for it to work which in most cases isn't practical. A freeview box will allow you to record and watch a channel at the same time.
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