Techy Help Please - Firefox Update


    I've just updated to the latest version and now pages wont load, games wont play - it's a nightmare.

    Can anyone tell me how to uninstall this update or resolve my problem?



    Did you update to 4? Look in Help->About Mozilla Firefox. What games are you trying to play flash or otherwise?

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    Think it's 3.5.16.
    Trying to play games in facebook or just look at photos. Tabs that are direct to other websites wont load.
    Tried the help but sadly its well above me!

    Do you have any add-ons installed?

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    It says
    HP smart printing 4.60 (not compatible with firefox 3.6.15)
    Logitech Device Detection

    Can you click on the tools tab and then options and then content tab and then see if enable javascript is checked. Also because you have upgraded you may have to reinstall flash click here...

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    Java is checked, shall try your link now.

    Adobe wants me to save the flash player or - doesn't offer for it to run like the instructions ask for!
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    If you choose save and then when it finishes downloading double click on it in the downloads window.

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    You star, thank you so much for your help


    You star, thank you so much for your help

    No worries :). no guarantees that this will work though just trying different options, several people seem to be having problems; but because it's only been out for a week or so there are no real solutions.
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