techy help required please guys.

    Hi all.

    I've got a couple of programs that my lappy won't open.

    They end in .msi and when I try to run them, it says " cannot open, choose another program or search te internet etc. Searching the internet seems to take me to loads of websites selling this & that software.

    I'm on vista btw.

    Can anyone tell me in simple terms the easiest way around this.

    And i stress - simple terms pleeeeeese.

    cheers dudes.


    download…zip and run the .reg file

    It's meant for XP but it may work in Vista

    MSI are Windows Installer files. The first thing is to make sure that Windows Installer itself is installed on your system. ]LINK HERE

    Usually Windows will then point you in the right direction.

    edit: Just seen rwm24's post and that will probably be the better option to start with

    You need to download Windows Installer. Go to Windows Updates to downloaad it.

    Try right clicking on the file and run as administrator... if not as above poster said.

    Original Poster

    muchos thanks guys - trying the above now,

    Helpful as always dudes.

    Original Poster

    Thanks again guys - the link sorted it - rep dished for the help &.

    col. responses
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