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Found 15th Feb 2009
Hi guys

Having taken advice from Faevilangel, I still seem to be having problems with 3 of my sites (although its the same problem over all)

I have a index.html and style.css for my sites (see for the example problem. the shadow seems to appear on the header and footer - but not the middle ( has it all on!)

Please advise. I copied the CCS code from the original site, and changed the image names, but it doesn't seem to wanna work.

Thanks in advance

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strange one as it should work if the CSS code was copied straight from master?

They're not quite the same.
In the 'red' site you have a different table structure and that's probably causing the problem.
I can't get this to work on my local machine but give it a try anyway:
In the style sheet for the red website in the #content section, line 102
replace the background tag with:

background:url('images/rstrip.jpg') repeat-y;

Alternatively an easier way would be to copy the main website
- replace in the code where relevant to
- rename rheader.jpg to header.jpg and replace original with this one in /images/

How have you tried to edit it?
Code or WYSIWYG editor?

Original Poster

thanks mate, but not sure what your mean...

i've replaced line 102, but no joy

I'm using Dreamweaver, but have Front Page as well.. I can just about use DW code

mmm, don't you need to have the image in the content div so when the content div expands the bg will keep expanding.

#content {
background-image:url(IMAGE HERE);
background-repeat: repeat-y;

edit: d'oh just read the rest of the thread :P

I think its the image that is busted as I can see it being repeated on my screen but its very lightly shadowed..

edit 2: It's the image. Upload it with this one:…jpg

Original Poster

moofin, your are a star.. I have the same problem with;


and this ]BLUE one seems to he misaligned - see the header?

Original Poster

right, I think I have this sorted.. one last problem...

in Firefox it views like it should -- centred in middle of screen
in IE, it shows left aligned... WHY?

You could try..

#container {
margin:0px auto;

havent tried that though.. also do

#body {
margin:0px auto;

just for good measure :P
edit: This is what you should be doing rather than align=center.. as this will center your text as well - which might not be what you want!
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