Techy Help: Tracing another poster ID?

Found 7th Dec 2008
Is there anyway I can find out who a poster is. It seems I have a stalker on another forum and I would like to find out who he/she?

I believe there are tools that can trace people like such?
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The only way to do it would be to ask the Mods for the I.P addess of the person who you think is stalking you. You would then have to ask the mods on the other forum to compare the I.P address and if they are the same they are the same person.

It's very unlikely that the Mods will give you the I.P address of your 'suspect' though.
data protection actwould forbid that. Would have to be authorised by police!
disco just block them on the forum, you can have there posts ignored,
Sound more like you want to stalk someone!

Well I'm guessing the only way to stalk you is by PMing you, which if you don't like and they wont stop contact a mod and get them to block PM's from them or get them banned.
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