Techy Help: Urgent (FAO: Faevilangel or GUV etc) or anyone that can help

    Angel will no the score on this, but I'll explain anyhoo

    I have 3 images (header, reapeter bar, and footer), which I wanna insert onto a new HTML page to look something like

    Rep for anyone who can help, as it dont seem to wanna work.


    Do you get paid for 'doing' this??

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    Do you get paid for 'doing' this??

    do you wanna cut like ;-)

    Na, I dont - its summit I do from home - I do have a CSS book, but just don't have time to read it atm :whistling: I have a few days off next week so will get my head buried in it.

    Can you advise or not?

    I am not sure exactly what you mean, but if you mean you want it so that images are in a Top/Middle/Bottom layout then something like is what you need:


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    cheers, i think that may work - its too early on a morning. im waiting for someone to get back to me but they must have been busy over the weekend

    Did you view the source on the page you suggested in the OP, it's very near too..

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    i have permisson to use the template... if thats what you're getting at?
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